Introducing Markprompt: The AI Chatbot Creation Platform

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Markprompt is the AI chatbot creation platform that empowers businesses to build and customize chatbots in minutes, no setup required. With Markprompt, you can create enterprise-grade chatbots that feel like a natural extension of your brand, while leveraging powerful features to improve user engagement and streamline customer support.

Key benefits of using Markprompt:

Multiple Data Sources: Markprompt enables you to seamlessly integrate a variety of data sources, such as GitHub repositories (public and private), uploaded files, docs sites, blogs, knowledge bases, Zendesk and Intercom articles, among others, into your embeddings base. This empowers your chatbots to become more knowledgeable and efficient in addressing user queries.

Multiple Chatbots: You can generate multiple chatbots based on different data sources, enabling you to build a suite of chatbots that can handle a wide range of customer inquiries at any touch points with your products.

Analytics: Markprompt provides detailed analytics and reporting on your chatbot's performance, enabling you to track user engagement, identify areas for improvement of your content, and optimize your chatbot based on the questions users are asking. For instance, see what questions are most commonly asked, what questions failed to generate an answer, what questions were upvoted or downvoted by users. Our analytics are GDPR-compliant and protect PII.

Prompt and Model Customization: Markprompt provides a full prompt engineering platform, allowing you to customize your chatbot's prompts and model parameters to align with your brand's unique voice and tone, language, and specific business logic.

API First: Markprompt can provide access to all its features through a REST API. This allows you to create custom workflows that suit your business needs. For instance, you can create GitHub Actions that trigger training when a commit is pushed to the main branch, you can upload files via your own content management system, you can request prompt completions programmatically with special-purpose model parameters, to mention a few examples.

Versatile Components: Markprompt offers feature-complete prebuilt components (React, Web Component, script tag) that make it easy to integrate a prompt interface into your products. These components are headless, and fully customizable to match your brand and design. We support interfaces that combine LLM search with instant search, ChatGPT-like conversational interfaces with chat history, or plain question-answering interfaces.

Bring Your Own API Key: Markprompt allows you to provide your own OpenAI API key for both training and completions, so that any training and query data becomes associated with your OpenAI credentials. This option is available for Enterprise customers.

Privacy: Markprompt takes privacy seriously and is GDPR compliant from day one. When a customer deletes a project, all associated data (analytics, embeddings, metadata) is automatically wiped out. When collecting query analytics, Markprompt clears all queries of personal identifiable information (PII). Markprompt uses the OpenAI APIs, which will retain data for a maximum of 30 days to monitor abuse and misuse: Markprompt adopts a transparency-by-design approach and is fully open source, allowing anyone to inspect the entire codebase and understand how data is processed.