Markprompt API

Markprompt exposes the following endpoints at

  • /train: turn your content into embeddings
  • /chat: get chat completions for user prompts
  • /search: get instant search results
  • /sections: get sections matching a prompt
  • /threads: get threads
  • /threads/<thread_id>/messages: get messages in a thread
  • /threads/<thread_id>/metadata: attach metadata to a thread
  • /feedback: attach feedback to a chat response

The /train, /sections and /threads endpoint requires authorization using a bearer token. This token can be found in your project settings in the dashboard, and should never be shared publicly. If you suspect that your token has been compromised, you can generate a new one in the dashboard. The /chat, /search and /feedback endpoints can be accessed either from a server using the bearer token, or from a client using a development key (for non-public testing) or a production key from a whitelisted domain (for public sharing). See below for more details.