Building the AI infrastructure for customer experience

Generative AI is changing every aspect of running a business, and it is happening now. Markprompt is born out of this revolution.

Our vision

It is no coincidence that the term Artificial Intelligence was coined just a few years after the invention of modern computers. We projected magical capabilities onto them right away, yet for the next 70 years, they were to remain, at a fundamental level, tedious to work with. We had to adapt to them, not the other way around.

This is changing, and it is happening now. Generative AI will completely transform the way we interact with computers, unlocking the magic potential we have been dreaming of for decades. At Markprompt, we are building the infrastructure that enables this tectonic shift to unfold within businesses, starting at the nerve center: customer support.

Marie and Michael

Marie Schneegans and Michael Fester, founders of Markprompt.

Backed by the best
Guillermo RauchFounder and CEO, Vercel
Alana GoyalFounder, basecase
Nicolas DessaignePartner, Y Combinator, Founder, Algolia
Ian McCrystalHead of Developer AI, Stripe
Kanjun QiuFounder and CEO, Imbue
Nicole ForsgrenPartner, Microsoft Research

and dozens other incredible founders and operators at companies like GitHub, Apple, Snowflake, Midjourney, Scale and Superhuman.

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