Jobs at Markprompt

We are an intense, tightly-knit team based in the heart of San Francisco. Our customers range from fast-growing startups to established enterprise companies, and we obsess over listening to each of them and helping them succeed. Our development pillars are security, reliability and performance, combined with pragmatism to always find working solutions and be ultra-responsive to customer feedback and requests. Working both at the infrastructure and product level, we strive to build correct, future-proof solutions with great taste.

We are backed by Y Combinator and SV Angel, as well as founders and leaders at companies like Vercel, Slack, Dropbox, Replit, Stripe and Algolia.

Office in Dogpatch

Position: founding engineer

As a founding engineer, you will be directly engaging with our customers and will be working with all of our stack, which is: TypeScript, Supabase, Next.js, Vercel, and Effect. Topics include: concurrent systems, modular service infrastructure, text processing, RAG, database optimization, LLM engineering, logging and telemetry, CI/CD, integrations with third-party systems, frontend.


  • Strong experience in web technologies, particularly JavaScript/TypeScript
  • Strong experience shipping code to production
  • Love for building products from 0 to 1
  • Desire to be part of a founding team
  • Based in SF, or willing to relocate


  • Familiarity with Effect
  • Experience deploying LLM-native applications to production
  • Has previously founded a company or built a high-impact project