apiUrlstring = ""The base API URL.
childrenReact.ReactNodeTrigger component, such as a search button or a floating chat bubble.
displayMarkpromptDisplay = "sheet"The way to display the chat/search content.
stickyboolean = falseEnable user interactions outside of the dialog while keeping it open.
defaultViewView = "search"The default view to show when both chat and search are enabled.
layout'panels' | 'tabs' = "panels"Multi-pane layout when both search and chat are enabled.
menuMenuOptionsOptions for the menu component.
chatUserConfigurableOptions & ChatOptionsOptions for the chat component.
searchSubmitSearchQueryOptions & SearchOptionsOptions for the search component.
feedbackSubmitFeedbackOptions & FeedbackOptionsOptions for the feedback component.
referencesReferencesOptionsOptions for the references component.
integrationsIntegrationsOptionsOptions for integrations.
triggerTriggerOptionsOptions for the trigger component.
closeCloseOptionsOptions for the close button.
descriptionDescriptionOptionsOptions for the description.
titleTitleOptionsOptions for the title component.
linkAsstring | ComponentType<any> = "a"Component to use in place of <a>.
showBrandingboolean = trueOptions for the title component.
brandingBrandingOptionsOptions for the title component.
debugboolean = falseDisplay debug info.


showboolean = trueShow branding.
type'plain' | 'text' = trueBranding display type.


labelstring = "Close Markprompt"`aria-label` for the close modal button.
visibleboolean = trueShow the close button
hasIconboolean = trueShow an × icon in the close button instead of the keyboard shortcut ('Esc').


hideboolean = trueVisually hide the description
textstringDescription text


hideboolean = trueVisually hide the title.
textstring = "Ask AI"Text for the title.


labelstring = "Ask AI"`aria-label` for the open button
buttonLabelstringLabel for the open button
placeholderstring = "Ask AI"Placeholder text for non-floating element.
floatingbooleanShould the trigger button be displayed as a floating button at the bottom right of the page? Setting this to false will display a trigger button in the element passed to the `markprompt` function.
customElementboolean | ReactNodeDo you use a custom element as the dialog trigger?
iconSrcstringCustom image icon source for the open button


1type View = 'chat' | 'search' | 'create-ticket';