conversationIdstringConversation ID. Returned with the first response of a conversation. Used to continue a conversation.
conversationMetadataanyConversation metadata. An arbitrary JSON payload to attach to the conversation.
debugboolean = falseEnabled debug mode. This will log debug and error information to the console.
iDontKnowMessagestring = "Sorry, I am not sure how to answer that."Message returned when the model does not have an answer
doNotInjectContextboolean = falseWhether or not to inject context relevant to the query.
allowFollowUpQuestionsboolean = trueIf true, the bot may encourage the user to ask a follow-up question, for instance to gather additional information. Default `true`.
excludeFromInsightsboolean = falseWhether or not to include message in insights.
modelOpenAIModelId = "gpt-3.5-turbo"The OpenAI model to use
systemPromptstring = "You are a very enthusiastic company representative who loves to help people!"The system prompt
temperaturenumber = 0.1The model temperature
topPnumber = 1The model top P
frequencyPenaltynumber = 0The model frequency penalty
presencePenaltynumber = 0The model present penalty
maxTokensnumber = 500The max number of tokens to include in the response
sectionsMatchCountnumber = 10The number of sections to include in the prompt context
sectionsMatchThresholdnumber = 0.5The similarity threshold between the input question and selected sections
signalAbortSignalAbortController signal
streambooleanDisable streaming and return the entire response at once.
toolsChatCompletionTool[]A list of tools the model may call. Currently, only functions are supported as a tool. Use this to provide a list of functions the model may generate JSON inputs for.
tool_choiceChatCompletionToolChoiceOptionControls which (if any) function is called by the model. `none` means the model will not call a function and instead generates a message. `auto` means the model can pick between generating a message or calling a function. Specifying a particular function via `{"type: "function", "function": {"name": "my_function"}}` forces the model to call that function. `none` is the default when no functions are present. `auto` is the default if functions are present.
outputFormat'slack' | 'markdown'The output format of the response
redactbooleanRemove PII from chat messages.