Markprompt and Supabase - GDPR-Compliant AI Chatbots for Docs and Websites.

Markprompt and Supabase - GDPR-Compliant AI Chatbots for Docs and Websites.

This article was originally posted on the Supabase website.

Markprompt is an AI-powered chatbot platform that simplifies the process of finding relevant information in large-scale knowledge bases. With its chat-based interface, users can ask questions in natural language and receive instant, accurate answers. Markprompt's advanced analytics help teams identify knowledge gaps and improve their documentation strategies.

We’ve found that having access to the full features of Postgres, colocated with the embeddings, makes it the perfect vector database.

Michael Fester - Co-Founder, Markprompt

The Challenge

When developing the platform, Markprompt considered GDPR compliance crucial as it enabled them to handle user data responsibly, maintain data privacy, and foster trust and confidence among their customers. As a result, the choice of a robust database and authentication solution became vital in ensuring adherence to GDPR requirements.

Markprompt has successfully indexed over half a million sections of content, with a steady influx of 10,000 - 50,000 new sections daily. This emphasizes the significance of their vector database solution in terms of reliability and scalability.

We decided to use Supabase over other specialized vector databases because it enabled us to be GDPR compliant from day one with little effort.

Michael Fester - Co-Founder, Markprompt

Why they chose Supabase:

By utilizing a trusted solution like Supabase for their database and authentication needs, Markprompt can implement access controls, user consent management, and audit trails, which are essential elements for GDPR compliance. This ensures that personal data is handled with care, protected from unauthorized access, and enables Markprompt to meet the strict data protection standards set forth by the GDPR.

Markprompt were also impressed with the ease of use and scalability of Supabase. The platform allowed them to focus on building their product, knowing that they had a powerful and reliable database solution backing them up.

Supabase has been a joy to work with. Handling enterprise data at scale can be daunting, but we feel we are in good hands as we grow.

Marie Schneegans - Co-Founder

What They Built

Markprompt is a set of API endpoints that allow you to train your content and create a prompt to ask questions to it, for instance for a docs site. Markprompt also designed a user-friendly web dashboard that simplifies content training, synchronization with GitHub repos or websites, access key management, and provides insights into user query statistics. Furthermore, Markprompt's UI components, available as React and Web Components, allow integration of prompts at all touch points of a company, from public websites to internal knowledge bases with just a few lines of code.

Building everything on Supabase from the Auth, to DB, to the vectors—this integrated experience really made it for us.

Michael Fester - Co-Founder, Markprompt

The Results

Choosing Supabase as their database and authentication solution empowered Markprompt to focus on developing innovative AI-powered solutions without compromising data security or impeding scalability. The seamless integration between Supabase and pgvector enabled them to meet the increasing demands of their expanding user base while upholding stringent GDPR requirements. Consequently, companies gain trust and confidence in the platform, solidifying its reputation as a robust enterprise offering.

Tech stack

  • Next.js - framework
  • Vercel - hosting
  • Typescript - language
  • Tailwind - CSS
  • Upstash - Redis and rate limiting
  • Supabase - database and auth
  • Stripe - payments
  • Plain - support chat
  • Fathom - analytics