Please find all of Markprompt's current subprocessors here.

A subprocessor is any business that customer data may pass through as a side effect of using Markprompt's service. We use partners for business processes that are not core to our expertise but are critical to our customers having a quality experience.

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NameNature of processingCountry
DatadogMarkprompt uses Datadog for cloud infrastructure monitoring.United States
GoogleCustomers may choose to contact Markprompt via email. Markprompt uses Google as its primary email service provider. Markprompt does not require nor encourage disclosure of Personal Data via email, however the potential for Personal Data being transmitted to Markprompt remains.United States
NangoMarkprompt uses Nango to synchronize data between customer sources and Markprompt.United States
OpenAIMarkprompt uses OpenAI as the foundation for our LLM-based services.United States
ResendMarkprompt uses Resend to send your transactional emails about our services.United States
StripeMarkprompt uses Stripe to process credit cards and payments.United States
SupabaseMarkprompt uses Supabase for data storage.United States
VercelMarkprompt uses Vercel for cloud computing and hosting.United States

Last updated: December 20, 2023